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Golden Cross Cheese

Recommended by Alsop and Walker, we headed off to find Golden Cross Cheese. After nearly failing to find it and about to drive home (google maps was no use to us here), we finally found Kevin and Alison Blunt at Greenacres Farm in Sussex, with their 200+ goats.

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Golden Cross Cheese were some of the pioneers of the artisan cheese industry, and have been making goats cheese since 1989 – nearly 30 years. Award-winning, delicious, and in demand, we are proud to have this cheese at The Crown.

Heading into the barn to see the goats, a mixture of breeds including the South African Boer Goat, the Saanen goat and the Toggenburg, they are a happy looking bunch, tucking into their fresh hay. Kevin and Alison keep things simple – the only goats cheese they produce is the Golden Cross and we can highly recommend it.  The goats are milked twice a day, and the cheese is produced using raw milk. They started off using raw milk, and saw no reason to start pasteurizing, as the cheese making process preserves the milk anyway. We learn that cheese making is no easy life – for 20 years Kevin and Alison milked 365 days a year, making cheese for most of their waking hours. The Golden Cross cheese is vegetarian.

photo 3

Complementing their goats cheese, they also make one sheep’s milk cheese – Flower Marie. Following a recipe made for them by famous cheese man James Aldridge. Using local sheep’s milk, this is also an unpasteurized vegetarian cheese. It is firm and fresh when young, developing more intense flavours as it ages.

We love everything they do here at Golden Cross, and you can see that quality and consistency are the factors which have kept them in the spotlight for all these years. The cheese is hand made- hand ladelled, hand sorted, hand labelled, hand salted.. this is true artisan production.

Keep your eyes out for this cheese on our menus and cheeseboards at The Crown.


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