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Gopsall Pottery

Looking at catalogues and websites full of un-inspiring white cups and mugs was starting to fill us with dread. We want to support local creative people, make the customer feel as though they are at a home from home and make life a bit more interesting wherever we can.

Set on this mission, we were happy to stumble across Gopsall Pottery’s brilliant pottery homeware and made a quick decision to use these beautiful, homely pieces at The Crown. As they aren’t fired at such a high temperature as usual restaurant crockery, we are going to have to hand wash, be careful not to chip them and treat them with the respect they deserve, but we are more than willing to do this, if it means we have such lovely cups!photo 1

photo 4

Michael Crosby-Jones has been making pottery for a long time (over 50 years in fact). In 1971 he set up in Gopsall Street in London before relocating to a windmill in Rye in 1978 and then moving to Winchelsea beach.

Over a cup of tea (in a beautiful mug of course), we were like kids in a sweet shop, scouting the shelves for our favourite pieces. We picked out some small coffee cups for espressos, macchiatos, flat whites, cortados (all the small coffees), some ‘breakfast cups’ for our big selection of Yorkshire tea, loose leaf classic blends and wild teas, some larger coffee cups for all the milky coffees, black coffees, hot chocolates and chai. We couldn’t resist the bowls either, perfect for soups and stews and salads. Then we added some beautiful brown bowls from the ‘Brownwares’ range, which will be perfect for our olives. We promised ourselves we would be back for more – it was hard to resist the icecream sundae pots, teapots, saucers, plates and bigger bowls.

We hope you love them as much as we do!photo 3

You can buy Gopsall Pottery at the lovely Crock and Cosy shop in Rye:

Crock and Cosy, Strand Quay, Rye, TN31 7DB, 01797 227210

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